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The most dangerous opponents

I’ve practiced various martial arts for most of my life.  I don’t claim to be a master, by any means, but you don’t spend this much time at something without picking up a few pearls of wisdom.  Here’s one of mine: new students are far more dangerous to spar with than any black belt.  8)

Maybe I should amend that statement to say “allowing yourself to treat an opponent as a new student” is what is dangerous.  The process used often entails … (more)


Boxing drills are evil!

Boxing drills are evil! I’ve missed a lot of classes lately, and jumped back into it last night. Lucky me, I was the only one in class, so my instructor decided to mix class up a bit. We did a lot of basic knife & puño drills, then mixed them in with some empty hand and hubud. Once I had a basic grasp… (More)

I had this enlightening experience a few weeks ago. It’s interesting when it’s happening, because you don’t really know how to spar someone with one arm. Do you…

Oy! Got my ass handed to me Wednesday night. Seems the  Muy Thai instructor for our school has followed Elvis’ lead… he has left the building……