I haven’t posted here for quite some time — pretty much ever since I opened my own domain site for my writing endeavors.  However, I intentionally kept this site open for more personal musings, and this is definitely not writing related.  🙂

Mostly, I just wanted to post this picture that my wife sent me this morning after I left for work. This is my dog, Bella.  We call her, and our other dog (Cricket) “goggers”, after a mispronunciation one of my younger relatives stumbled on several years ago.  Those of you who have kids, or have worked a lot with them know that sometimes a child’s mispronunciation is very cute or catchy, or even logical in some cases.  For instance, when my son was little, he had problems with “yesterday”.  Since the night before was “last night”, then it seemed appropriate in his mind, that the the day before would be “lasterday”.  To this day, we sometimes use the term.

Anyway, that’s it for this morning.  Have a great day.