On March 18th, “BigAl” of “BigAlsbooksandPals” reviewed a novel by Jacqueline Howett  on Amazon.com and gave it a two star rating.  Ironically enough, his review was relatively complimentary.  He said her story was “compelling and interesting”, but “spelling and grammar errors, … come so quickly that, especially in the first several chapters, it’s difficult to get into the book without being jarred back to reality as you attempt unraveling what the author meant.”

Not willing to let the review go, Ms. Howett went after the reviewer on his own blog and absolutely lost her mind!  Over the next ten days, her rantings pretty much proved his point, as they were full of the same kind of misspellings and punctuation errors.  Almost immediately BigAl’s blog, his review, and Ms. Howett’s ravings went viral through Twitter and then to various writing websites.  It has been hailed as the ultimate in how NOT to react to a poor book review and was so bad that the poor woman will likely never be able to sell another thing under her own name.

Poor woman.  It almost made me feel sorry for her.