I’ve been languishing a bit with regards to my writing. I’m in unfamiliar territory here, having completed edits on my novel and now turned it over to my beta readers. That means I have nothing to do on that particular project except wait on notes from them in preparation for the next (and hopefully final) round of edits. Common sense tells me I need to be working on my next project, but I’ve been wishy-washy on determining what that next project should be.

I pretty quickly narrowed it down to one of three that I’m working on –

Behind door number one is Soul Eater. This one is trying to mold itself into a paranormal romance, and I’m not really sure I have the chops with regards to that sub-genre to pull it off. I can possibly rework the story line to bring it in line with more of a mainstream macabre vampire tale, but there’s no denying the very strong romantic angle in this one. As a matter of fact, the romantic angle is vital to the plot of the story.

Door number two contains Streets of Payne, the cyberpunk serialization I was working on before Rebel Tales went belly up. I have 40k words invested in this one, but it’s formatted as a serial, and I think the only way to salvage it is to rework it into a novel (or possibly even a series of novels).  The thing is, that means throwing a lot of it out and reworking the story lines. I know I can do it, but it also means wrapping my mind around a totally new way of looking at a story that I invested a few months into already, and pretty much throwing those months out the window. I know it needs to be done, but I still find myself reluctant to take the plunge.  😦

And behind door number three is Warrior Clan, a relatively new story that I came up with a year or so back. I came up with the idea, did a LOT of research, wrote the opening scene, and then shelved it for later. It has the potential to evolve into a trilogy, but it’s also going to require constant research due to the military nature of some of the story elements.  As I have it currently envisioned, it looks to be a military SF novel based in the near future in which Earth is caught between two alien cultures at war with one another and should encompass a lot of military tech, as well as quite a bit of UFOlogy.

My first thought was to get Soul Eater going again, but I almost immediately hit a wall. Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to get the story working in my head again. I have the thing outlined, and know the various plot points that I need to work towards, but when I opened the damned thing up it just laughed at me. Last night I broke through the freaking wall.

Well… that’s not entirely true. It’s more like I went around the wall. You see, I was having a real problem with a particular scene transition and couldn’t for the life of me get through it. Finally it occurred to me that if the scene didn’t work for me, then it probably wouldn’t work for the reader either. So I girded
my loins, picked up my sword, and slashed a few thousand words of useless prose.  Then wrote a quick paragraph to cover that transition (with notes to myself to come back and fix it later), and picked up with the next scene. The next thing I knew, I was twelve hundred words into a fun verbal sparring match between my protagonist and a minor antagonist.

It still needs a lot of work, to be sure, but it was FUN! 😀 More importantly, it freed me up to make some real progress in the book.  Now I see some more of what needs to be written and it looks like the story may start moving again.

Hooray for progress!