Today, I’m attending a local SF/F convention at the University of Houston – Clear Lake called Conjour. It is a small con, nothing like the ones I used to attend a few decades ago, but they have some surprisingly good and high quality speakers for a convention this small.  Sat in and recorded a panel earlier called “Mining Ideas from Myth and Folklore”.  It was moderated by Patricia “P. L.” Blair, and speakers were: Bill Fawcett, Michael (Mickey) Finn, Robert Stickmanz, Beverly Hale, and Lou Antonelli.

The panel was informative and a lot of fun, and I can only hope the recording turned out all right.  If so, I’ll pass it on to the guys at The Dead Robots Society to podcast if they want.  Going to go now.  Probably grab a bite for lunch before the 1:00 panel on “Character Development”.