Finally!  I finished my first rewrite of Phoenix Rising, bringing it down from just over 130K words to just over 115K.  I may be able to bring it down some more, but I’m not really sure I want to at this stage of the game.  Yes, I need to give it another editing pass or two, but I’m less concerned about the word count than I was.  After all, the advice I was following (“new writers should keep their word counts under 100K”) was geared toward the old publishing industry model.  And while I’m not under any illusions that the old brick and mortar model is about to disappear, it is no longer the only game in town.

There is a growing and thriving community of indy writers and self publishers that are actually making money with their work, and I’m leaning more and more towards the idea of joining them.  No, I’ll never be a famous “household name” author like Steele, or King, but a decent writer has a decent chance these days of getting their work out to share with others, and maybe making a bit of spending money at the same time.  🙂