Yesterday was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the day that my wife confirmed her insanity and actually married me.  It’s been a fantastic kind of mental breakdown, and seems to be pretty long-lived.

I think back to the first time I met my wife.  It was seventh grade (I think in Algebra 1) and I recall to this day that she was commenting on how her boyfriend at that time had the bad habit of grinding his teeth. I remember that she said something about it irritating her, and I became instantly conscious of the fact that I never wanted to grind my teeth around her.  What can I say? She was cute!  🙂

That was thirty-seven years ago, and over the years our relationship evolved from friendship to love.  

I still wonder how I got to be so lucky as to get her to marry me. I have more than my fair share of bad habits, and she patiently puts up with them all.

But to this day I try to refrain from grinding my teeth.  😆