Number two on my new year’s resolutions list was to investigate & begin work on podcasting my novel.  Of course, to do this I need to have a decent mic.  I checked around and the consensus among most of the writers currently podcasting is that the Zoom H2 is the right mic for the job.  Anything less won’t give you the quality you need for a good podcast, and anything higher will end up recording more than you want to record.

Much more! 🙂

There were numerous stories out there from podcasters who kept their “stomach gurgle and fart reels” as reminders that sometimes, the “best” product made is not necessarily the best product for the job.   😆

Anyway, I had discussed my plans with my wife and told her what I was planning.  But I was actually planning to purchase my little toy in another month or two, as I haven’t yet begun the rework of the novel I’m going to record.  Well, we have also been investigating a new GPS system and made the decision to go ahead and buy one.  I went to Amazon, found the one we had settled on, and clicked buy.

And that’s where things went wrong.  It seems that when my kids got me a Kindle for Christmas, I must have turned on Amazon’s “one-click” purchasing option to facilitate wireless purchasing on the Kindle.  Combine that with the fact that I had also been looking at the H2 on Amazon, and apparently left it in my cart, and viola

Today the box from Amazon arrived and imagine my surprise when I opened it to find not just the GPS, but my new H2.  I hadn’t intended to get it this soon, but now that it’s here, it seems pretty silly to send it back, only to buy it again later.

So I’ve been playing with my new toy this evening.  The recording quality is amazing, but there are so many settings that I actually RTFM’ed before I started playing.  Even then, I think I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I’ll need to know about this thing.

Still, just with the little bit I learned this evening I can tell this was indeed the right tool for the job.  I’m really looking forward to experimenting with podcasting now.  🙂