I came home from work early today with some of the worst sinus congestion I’ve had in several years. Head is pounding, can’t breathe through my nose, pressure bad enough to make me consider grabbing the hand drill for some relief. My wife just got home a short while ago & took my temp – 101F (that’s 38.33C for most of the world).

In short, I feel like crap. And yet the first thing that crossed my mind when she read my temp was Hey! I have a legitimate excuse to stay home & write tomorrow! :lol:

Either I’m bit mental (maybe it’s the fever?  🙂  ) . . . never mind, scratch that – too easy…

So either writing has affected me in the same manner as say… OCD or some other mental affliction, or it has elevated me to a Zen-like state of enlightenment in which mere physical illness holds no sway over me.

Yeah, I like that. I’m gonna go with the Zen master thingy. :ugeek: