Another of my writing projects is Phoenix Rising. It’s a near-future post-apocalyptic novel set deep in Texas’ Big Thicket, in the imaginary town of Rejas. I’ve been thinking about what it would take to podcast the novel, and thought that the only way to ever really know would be to at least post an imaginary intro.  Posted some questions on the Dead Robots Society forum regarding podcasting (equipment, software, techniques, etc.) and they had a few suggestions that I can go back & check on.

ITMT, I created some intro pieces.  The first one is a bit loud, and I forgot to use the ambient noise reduction setting, so in places it sounds a little bit like a phone sex perv breathing in the background.  🙂

The second one is considerably quieter, but I’m afraid the volume may be set too low.  I’m also not happy with the vocal inflections in this one.

Went back & reworked them, using the vocal work from Take 1, and lowering the volume of the background music. This one is “Take 3“.

I welcome comments and/or critiques on them.